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About TazaBhavTM

A venture by IIT alumni, providing unique platform, leveraging technology for small, medium and large business groups and trading communities while safeguarding interests of the end-users and consumers.

TazaBhav is suitable for all type of industry and business segments, especially, where decisions are made based on changing prices. The platform is open for all type of products and brands. It gives total freedom to the user to define product specifications. It is especially suitable for products where price changes quite rapidly.

TazaBhav is business unit of Educe Education Private Limited, a company registered under company laws 1956, with registered office in the state of Maharashtra, India.


Mr. Sanjay Sarda, Managing Director
Mr. Sanjay Sarda is an alumni of IIT Kharagpur with over 20+ years of diversified work experience with start-ups to large corporate in India and USA, in various industrial sectors such as Information Technology, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Entertainment, Seeds and Food Processing. He is the Managing Director at Shakun Group of Companies and Hospitals. You may like to visit Mr. Sarda's profile on linkedin at

Mr. Chaitanya Dhareshwar, Director & CIO
Mr. Chaitanya Dhareshwar is a Technocrat and Business Transformation Leader. He has been associated with various leading organizations in diverse industry segments in the capacity of CIO/Head IT. You may wish to visit Mr. Dhareshwar's profile on linkedin at

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