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 Product Name refrigerators repair
 Brand all brands
 Keyword fridge
 Rate 0 per service
 Quantity Available 100 service
 Last Price Update 11 Nov 2014 08:27 PM
 More Details Every kitchen consists of a very important home appliance i.e. refrigerator. Even a one problem in refrigerator disrupts the whole routine. It is a magical appliance that preserves food and keeps everything cold.MUHAMMAD refrigerators & freezers provides services for every home appliance problem. When you need a quick service for refrigerator repair in MUMBAI,THANE NAVI MUMBAI & ALL OVER IN INDIA, always trust MUHAMMAD refrigerators & freezers Appliance service provider. We provide quick and reliable service to any serious problem in the appliance. The team is trained and available 9224699796
Company Name muhammad refrigerators repair & service provider
Email ID
Phone 9224699796
Location Mumbai

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